Susan Grey

Divorce is unlike any other litigation. It’s personal, emotional and raw. It is in fact, the death of the family unit. When love turns to hate, the desire to lash out and hurt your spouse can be overwhelming. Rational behavior gives way to impulsive behavior and the result can be emotional chaos, violence and financial ruin.

I bring to the law a background of career diversity and life experience. My interests and degrees reflect an equal love of art, science, literature and comedy. I have studied opera at the Met in NYC, majored in theater, and performed Improv comedy at the ACT in SF. A trial lawyer, first and foremost, I have tried over 50 jury cases to verdict.

My academic achievements have been less theatrical and more career oriented. A Registered Nurse since the age of 20, I was fortunate enough to work at the Neurological Institute in NYC. There, I worked with health care pioneers, treating patients with unnamed conditions and no treatment or cure. It was there, at the Neurological Institute, that I cultivated a lifelong passion for the study of human behavior.

I continued my education after relocating to sunny California and graduated from UCSF with both a bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Nursing. As a “ Clinical Psychiatric Nurse Specialist” I was attracted to crisis intervention and worked triage in the SF General Psych Emergency department. Thereafter, I was at the VA hospital working with Vietnam Vets returning from war with PTSS.

I rounded out my Nursing career, teaching students to become vocational nurses. I proudly hold a lifetime teaching credential with the San Francisco Community College District.

By age 30, I felt I had achieved my nursing goals and wanted greater autonomy and opportunity for career advancement. The Law has offered me that opportunity. I am a proud graduate from GGU and have been a lawyer since 1987.

My Practice tends to attract high conflict custody cases. I understand the special needs child and the dynamics of family conflict. I attract cases involving domestic violence, mental illness and substance abuse cases. Identification of your goals, Crisis intervention, negotiation and a path to safe resolution are my priorities.

I will apply all my expertise and experience to get you through the most challenging of life experiences. Call for an appointment.

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