Dec 26, 2017 | | Cupertino, CA
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We (my husband and I) recently set up our will and living trust with Adam Diran. The whole process is super fast! This is a very pleasant experience for us: smooth and easy. I initially found Adam through our company's legal plan. After a phone call, we setup an appointment with him. During our first meet, he guided us through the process of living trust. After going home, we just prepared all the documents he needs. During the second we met, the will and living trust documents were already! Can't believe it's so fast! We are really impressed by his working efficiency! Other than that, he is very responsible: he always reminded us before our appointment. During our meet, he always explained our questions and concerns very clearly. And one extra: he even worked on Sundays! For a lot of working couples in bay area, this is a great plus! Thank you so much Adam! We are very happy we met you.

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