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If you are seeking San Jose estate planning lawyers, call Diran & Grey at 408-708-9979. Our attorneys offer top tier estate planning services at reasonable flat fees. Come in for a free 1 hour consultation to discuss your specific needs and options with experienced San Jose estate planning lawyers. No two families are the same and we tailor each estate plan to the family it is meant to serve. Furthermore, our San Jose estate planning lawyers will offer you the education needed to maintain and implement your estate plan in the future.

In addition to representing and advising our clients, we also offer extensive personalized education. As we have done for hundreds of other clients, we will explain the process and make potentially complex legal issues easily accessible and clear. Part of our process will also involve discussing the significance and use of each legal document. We will also teach you how to implement the plan and maintain it going forward. Too many law firms prepare cookie cutter trusts that fail to take into account the circumstances of the individual family. Additionally, too many estate planning professionals fail to educate their clients on how to implement trust documents. There is no substitute for an experienced estate planning lawyer who takes the time to understand your unique situation and explain the process. There is also no substitute for an attorney who has wide-experience in relevant fields.

In addition to being an attorney, Adam Diran holds an MBA and is a former stockbroker who will teach you the mechanics of your estate plan. Making plans is only part of the process; you must also know how to implement and maintain your plans into the future. By preparing you with extensive knowledge, you may not have to return to an attorney for basic asset management in the future.

Questions about Estate Planning for an Experienced Lawyer

Our clients come from a wide-variety of backgrounds, careers, and communities throughout Northern California. But they all have something in common: they all have questions about estate planning that experienced lawyers and financial professionals can answer. Some typical questions we are asked:

  • What does a typical estate plan include?
  • What is a revocable Living Trust?
  • What is a Certification of Trust?
  • Can you tell me about Pour Over Wills?
  • How do I obtain deeds to transfer real-estate into the trust?
  • How can I arrange for medical power of attorney?
  • When is durable power of attorney necessary?

The above represent only a small percentage of the many questions that you may have. Our San Jose estate planning lawyers can answer them all. Your situation may also include particularly intricate issues:

  • A special needs trust to provide for a disabled family member without risking their government benefits An A/B trust to provide for children from outside the marriage.
  • An irrevocable spendthrift trust to provide for those who cannot take responsibility for money

Regardless of the situation, estate planning can protect your economic legacy and provide for your family into the future. Through careful planning, through receiving insightful guidance and through long-term foresight, you can ensure that your final property and health care wishes are followed. This will assure that your family receives the benefits you intend while saving them from unnecessary costs and difficulties while you are incapacitated.

For a free consultation with a highly experienced San Jose estate planning lawyers and financial professional in Santa Rosa, contact Diran & Grey.

Protect your Assets and Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Roughly 70% of Americans die "intestate." This means dying without leaving a will or trust. Without an estate plan, all the decisions about who distributes your assets and how they are distributed will first be facilitated by your loved ones but will eventually be put in the hands of a court. A court appointed executor and a judge will distribute your assets and make decisions in a bureaucratic and protracted way. This process can take a years. This may become a tremendous burden on your grieving loved ones. Making your intentions known will save time, money and unnecessary legal challenges. No matter how modest or how vast your economic standing, planning now offers nothing but benefits.

If you ever become incapacitated and you do not have a legally binding plan in place, you risk losing a considerable amount of money that could have been distributed to your family, friends, or charities in the event of your death. For instance, if an estate is worth $100, 000 in California, fees for attorneys and executors are $4, 000 for each of them. The more assets you have when you pass away, the greater the amount paid to the officials handling probate. These are not taxes. Those will be additional.

Estate planning on your part makes things much simpler for your surviving loved ones. Even if you have few assets, having left a will or trust will make settling your final affairs easier. Also, if you suffer a health setback and are unable to make your wishes known, your estate plan will be invaluable.

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