An Experienced Lawyer You Can Count On in San Jose, CA

No matter what type of legal issues you are facing, it’s important to work with a legal team you can count on to protect your interests and help you pursue the settlement you deserve. Adam Diran has extensive experience working with clients across California’s Bay Area and proudly provides legal counsel and representation across a diverse range of legal areas. If you are resident of Silicon Valley or the Bay Area at large, there is no better choice for your legal needs. Read on to learn more about the many advantages of working with our team here at Diran & Grey, and contact our San Jose, CA firm at (408) 279-1118 to schedule your free consultation today!

Why Choose Diran & Grey?

When experience counts and results matter, our team at Diran & Grey is the one to choose for your legal needs. Adam Diran has 19 years of experience working in courtrooms across California. Adam Diran has the additional experience of working as a stockbroker with an MBA for several decades — allowing him to provide unparalleled counsel and document drafting when it comes to estate planning.

Services Tailored for Silicon Valley Residents

While no two legal issues are the exact same, certain cities and regions of the country do display trends and needs reflective of their demographics. In the case of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area at large, these trends often include high living costs, tech-related jobs and smaller family sizes. All of these trends play in to how residents manage their estates and deal with family issues that may arise. At Diran & Grey, our attorneys have extensive experience helping Silicon Valley residents with their legal issues and have seen these trends in action firsthand. We’ve thus tailored our estate planning and family law services to meet the unique needs of residents here. We understand how to plan an estate with the stock options and partial ownership agreements often given to tech employees — and we know how to navigate divorces and child custody battles under virtually all circumstances. For residents of the Bay Area, our legal team has nuanced expertise that simply can’t be topped.

Committed to Your Success

First and foremost,Diran & Grey is committed to the success and satisfaction of our clients. Our relentless work ethic, friendly and helpful staff members, and winning record in courtrooms around the state have earned us an excellent reputation in our local Bay Area community. Contact our team today to schedule your free 30-minute consultation with our attorneys today!