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I highly recommend Adam either for retained or side counsel.

Knowing that I would still need expert counsel for the big issues, I was referred to Adam Diran. What a breath of fresh air! Incredibly smart, direct and very conscious to make efficient use of my time. I received more benefit from one hour of consultation with him than I did in seven months with my previous attorney. I am still managing my own case, but I feel a great sense of peace knowing that when I pay for an hour of consultation with Adam, I am getting accurate information and sage advice.

I highly recommend Adam either for retained or side counsel.

Penny V., Santa Clara, CA

He was very accommodating to our schedule.

Adam helped with the preparation of wills and a living trust for our estate planning. He was very accommodating to our schedule (including meeting us out of hours on a Sunday) and spent plenty of time with us making sure we understood all the relevant documents and processes (probate, etc.).

I highly recommend Adam either for retained or side counsel.

Jonathan H., Sunnyvale, CA

Adam is a Rare Exception

Adam Diran is the best family law attorney around. While the vast majority of other attorneys prioritize maximizing their own profit, Adam is a rare exception in that he focuses solely on the best interest of his client. He will save you serious money by avoiding unnecessary lose-lose litigation. He is extremely knowledgeable and very humble, so the opposing counsel will usually engage in meaningful negotiations with him, while the arrogance of most other attorneys can preclude opposing counsel from negotiating with them, which translates to much higher litigation and court costs for the client. Adam will listen to you and give high value to your opinion and strategies while other attorneys may just hijack your case with profit in mind and not listen to you anymore. Adam is also a very nice, empathetic and principled person and it will be a great experience working with him.

Charles S., Palo Alto, CA

He was genuinely friendly and courteous.

Adam Diran recently helped my family and I set up a living trust. He did an excellent job at guiding us through a process that we knew little about, and was a very straightforward guy that made this as easy as it could be. He answered/returned all my calls promptly and courteously and really made an effort to help us. I recommend giving Diran & Grey a call when you need to set up a living trust.

Scott R., Concord, CA

I will recommended him to friends.

My partner and I went to Adam Diran to have our wills and trusts set up and have since hired him to help me review and understand other family trusts. Adam is wonderful. He gave us a free consultation, and for the work he did, he charged a very reasonable price. He walked us through what the documents stated so that we understood it in plain English and happily answered our questions. He made the entire process very easy.

Kirstin V., Sunnyvale, CA

I like to deal with an honest businessman like him.

Adam Diran is referred by my employer, Marvell, to work on my living trust. He is very knowledgeable and very good at explaining all the law terms that I don’t understand. It is very easy to make an appointment with him and he made the process very easy. He answered all my questions and told me directly if he does not know the answer. I like to deal with an honest businessman like him.

Akay H., Union City, CA

This was a very pleasant experience for us. Smooth and easy

We (my husband and I) recently set up our will and living trust with Adam Diran. The whole process is super fast! This is a very pleasant experience for us: smooth and easy. I initially found Adam through our company’s legal plan. After a phone call, we set up an appointment with him. During our first meet, he guided us through the process of living trust. After going home, we just prepared all the documents he needs. During the second we met, the will and living trust documents were all ready! Can’t believe it’s so fast! We are really impressed by his working efficiency! Other than that, he is very responsible; he always reminded us before our appointment. During our meet, he always explained our questions and concerns very clearly. And one extra: He even worked on Sundays! For a lot of working couples in the Bay Area, this is a great plus! Thank you so much, Adam! We are very happy we met you.

Ping G., Cupertino, CA

Two words: Fast and Furious!!!

Three words: fast and furious!!! I was referred to Diran & Grey back in 2010 by the CLC Group to do some estate planning in preparation for my military deployment. Adam prepared a revocable living trust, pour over will and health care POA for me back then and recently provided updates to those documents. Additionally, his counsel was instrumental in me having my LLC administered through my trust with his recommendation for a very simple “assignment of property” statement. Sound and professional advice is just a phone call away with Diran & Grey!

Dedric J., Campbell, CA