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Estate Planning For Your Second Marriage

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When you are preparing for your second marriage, your checklist may not include meeting with an attorney to modify your estate plan. It should. Many people in this situation do not consider how this significant life change may affect their beneficiaries and heirs in the future.

I am Adam Diran, seasoned estate planning and family law attorney. Since 1998, I have advised South Bay residents on their legal options when amending their estate plans to protect their loved ones after a second marriage. Whether you need to incorporate new provisions for a new spouse, stepchildren, your own children or other parties, you can rely on me to identify straightforward solutions for your complex estate matters.

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Modifying Your Plan To Protect Your Heirs And Beneficiaries

There are a variety of considerations to keep in mind when you are involved in second marriage estate planning in California, such as:

  • Updating your powers of attorney

  • Changing your beneficiaries for your retirement and life insurance accounts

  • Revising your last will and testament

  • Creating a trust to safeguard your assets on behalf of your children

  • Designing a prenuptial agreement to protect your children’s inheritance and minimize the impact your spouse’s debt has on your estate

Retaining a lawyer to revise an estate plan or design a prenuptial agreement is a smart move that can help prevent legal conflicts in the future. With my assistance, you can rest assured that your updated agreements and your financial and legal documents will support your best interests for years to come.

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