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Wills & Trusts

Securing Your Assets Using A Will And Trust

Estate planning can help you provide for your family and pass on your legacy, but only if you prepare properly. While drafting and executing legal documents are the necessary first steps in this process, they are not the last. When you choose to work with me, attorney Adam Diran, I will identify the steps you will need to take to ensure that your will and trusts help you accomplish your goals.

Estate planning is a verb, not a noun at Adam Diran Attorney at Law. As your advocate, I remain actively involved with all matters related to your estate plan because I know these legal instruments have a lasting effect on your life and your loved ones’ lives. I will show you what you need to do to minimize the risk of legal disputes and reduce the likelihood of probate in South Bay courthouses. The courthouse at 191 North First Street, San Jose, is beautiful, but wouldn’t you prefer that your family never see the inside of it?

Creating a will or trust?

Developing A Multifaceted Strategy To Protect Your Interests

California probate is an intricate process that can prevent your beneficiaries and heirs from receiving assets and property in a timely fashion. Since 1998, I have helped my clients streamline or avoid probate by teaching them how to use trusts to protect their assets before and after their death.

Whether you need advice on an irrevocable trust or a revocable trust, I have the legal and financial insight to provide knowledgeable counsel. As a lawyer and an MBA, I offer strategic financial advice on a variety of issues that may affect how your trust is structured and administered.

In addition to these trust services, I work alongside my clients to customize a last will and testament that facilitates the inheritance process. I tailor this estate tool according to your unique circumstances to ensure that your instructions for asset distribution are accurately represented. Having practiced estate law for decades, I execute wills that limit the opportunity for will challenges or contests.

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Do you have questions about living wills, powers of attorney or beneficiary designations? Please read my estate planning FAQ page for answers.