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Revocable Living Trusts

Tailoring A Revocable Living Trust According To Your Needs

Many people understand the benefits associated with drafting and executing a last will and testament. Fewer are familiar with the revocable living trust, another estate planning instrument that may offer stronger legal and financial protections than a will. When you are developing a long-term strategy for your assets and welfare, it is critical to explore all options when planning for the future.

At Adam Diran Attorney at Law, I am committed to client education throughout the estate planning process. When you choose to hire my services, you will benefit from my decades of experience in estate and probate law. I take pride in my ability to identify legal solutions that limit the impact California’s probate process has on your loved ones while securing your peace of mind about your assets and property.

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Important Information To Understand About Living Trusts

Like wills, revocable living trusts can be revised throughout your life, so you can alter the terms of your trust and transfer assets or property into and out of the trust. As long as you are deemed mentally competent, you retain power of this trust. Your trust may also contain mental capacity provisions, which may limit the expense and involvement of a court-ordered guardianship.

In addition to the flexibility that a living trust offers, this document allows beneficiaries and heirs to avoid probate. I have designed living trusts that have helped minor beneficiaries, married couples, children in blended families and unmarried property owners resolve asset and property matters efficiently and out of the public eye.

My well-drafted trusts have helped my clients accomplish a range of objectives that include distributing retirement and investment funds and transferring ownership of out-of-state property. With foresight and proper planning, a well-funded revocable living trust can minimize the stress and cost that accompany a loved one’s passing.

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