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Amending An Estate Plan

Choose an Experienced Attorney in San Jose, CA to Amend Your Estate Plan

When you meet with a lawyer to discuss your estate plan, the estate planning tools that are written at that time reflect your current concerns and circumstances. It is critical to understand that this plan is not set in stone because your needs and relationships can change over time. In many situations, what is considered an effective estate plan is a revised estate plan, modified to reflect planned and unplanned life events.

Sometimes a change in a state or federal law can make a formerly excellent estate plan obsolete.

At Adam Diran Attorney at Law, I have practiced estate and probate law in South Bay for over two decades. Throughout my legal career, I have assisted countless individuals and families with the design and later modification of their wills, powers of attorney, living trusts and other estate planning documents to address new issues that have emerged in their lives. Estate planning is not a one-and-done task; estate planning is a process that I will help you navigate.

Making changes to your plan?

Reasons to Consider Revising Your Estate Plan

Reviewing and amending an estate plan is a sound investment because it can help you avoid will contests or challenges, probate and unnecessary tax obligations associated with recent life changes. When you retain me, I will review your estate plan and make my recommendations using my legal and financial background.

I regularly modify documents for clients experiencing these significant life changes:

  • A change in marital status

  • An addition to the family

  • A death in the family

  • A dramatic decrease or increase in assets or income

  • An out-of-state move

Financial and sentimental motivations may inspire you to revisit the original provisions in your estate plan. As your relationships grow, evolve or even devolve, your legal documents should be updated to reflect these changes. Revisions to the federal or California tax code may affect your income and your beneficiaries’ tax burden when they inherit your assets. The modifications you make today may result in cost-saving actions tomorrow.

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