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Avoiding Probate

Helping You Avoid The Challenges Associated With Probate

Engineers and innovators throughout the world envy the perks and compensation packages Silicon Valley employees receive in South Bay’s highly competitive employment hub. Whether you have recently moved to the area to accept a job offer or are a longtime resident in the industry, investing in a knowledgeable lawyer’s estate planning services can help you retain control of these assets today and in years down the road.

As an established San Jose lawyer, I, Adam Diran, provide cutting-edge legal and financial advice to individuals and families throughout the area. Since 1998, I have represented thousands of residents with estate planning concerns. I use insight gained from my MBA and decades of legal experience to help clients make smart decisions, limit estate taxes and avoid challenges related to the probate process.

Trying to avoid probate?

Taking Proactive Measures To Minimize Probate’s Effect

California’s probate laws are among the nation’s most intricate and expansive. With proper financial planning, however, you can avoid this process.

When you consult with me, I will review your financial records, titles and other documents to determine which strategies will help you meet California’s estate value threshold. I assist clients with these actions:

  • Designing revocable living trusts

  • Facilitating inter vivos gifts

  • Drafting beneficiary deeds, also known as “revocable transfer on death deeds”

The probate process can be a lengthy, expensive and stressful undertaking. Many of my clients have benefited from my estate planning services, which have allowed their beneficiaries to obtain assets by providing an affidavit or by completing the small estate process. Whether you wish to keep your matters out of the public spotlight or you are concerned about your beneficiaries’ ability to receive what they deserve, it is worthwhile to discuss this process at my San Jose office.

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