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San Jose child custody lawyer Adam Diran is on your side if you need guidance and legal representation in your child custody negotiations. These negotiations may have become unmanageable. Other attorneys may have turned you down because they believed your case was too volatile. There are many good San Jose child custody lawyers, but many will not take certain cases. I receive referrals from family law attorneys throughout Northern California because I know how to get results in tremendously challenging cases. In child custody cases, you need someone to take charge and present you with the best options for achieving your goals.

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Leadership Through Challenging Custody Battles

Divorce, child custody battles and other fights with your soon-to-be former spouse are complicated by anxiety, distrust and lack of understanding of the process — and divorce is a process, not an event. I know how to analyze your problems and offers assistance over the long run. Your long-term satisfaction is his goal. When you retain this firm, you will know your rights and protect your future.

If you are negotiating child custody arrangements, you may be engaged in one of the most difficult struggles of your life. In such cases, you need a solid advocate on your side. I provide supportive and aggressive representation in child custody disputes either through mediation or litigation. With 20 years of experience, I have guided clients throughout Northern California in some of the most challenging cases:

  • Abductions in which a parent takes a child away from the other parent

  • Allegations of spousal abuse and violations of restraining orders

  • Child abuse, including accusations of child molestation

  • Move-away disputes related to one parent’s desire to move the children to another city or state

  • Paternity disputes related to support and visitation rights

  • Post-divorce custody modifications, including physical custody and visitation changes

I am particularly skilled with high-conflict custody cases. You must have an experienced and highly successful attorney on your side when children are involved.

I have close relationships with local police, county sheriffs, private investigators and other specialists to assist him with your case. I also work with law enforcement officials, child psychologists, medical doctors and experts in relevant fields in cases involving traumatic child custody negotiations.

Grandparents’ Rights

The struggle between two parents can ensnare extended family as well, including grandparents who are sometimes denied contact with their grandchildren. I litigate these high-conflict cases when negotiation fails. Breaking the bond between a grandparent and grandchild is not in the best interest of the child. My goal is to restore that bond by obtaining frequent and meaningful contact between the grandparent and child.