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Divorce Attorney in San Jose, California

Divorce Attorney In San Jose, CA

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Adam Diran Attorney at Law is a highly experienced San Jose, CA, divorce law firm that will provide professional solutions to even the most challenging divorce, child custody, spousal support and other family law cases across the Bay Area. I understand California state law as well as any lawyer and have helped hundreds of individuals and families across the region reach successful settlements. When you call San Jose divorce lawyer Adam Diran for a free consultation, be prepared to discuss your job, your issues with your soon-to-be-ex and your concerns about your children. After I has collected preliminary details, I will get back to you within a week with a candid evaluation and practical suggestions for how to proceed. I know you have questions, and he has answers. Call me in San Jose at 669-244-3686. I am prepared to assist you in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley or anywhere in Northern California.

Why Work With Him?

If you are going through a divorce, it’s important to ensure that your interests are protected through every step of the process. This is best accomplished with the assistance of a highly trained divorce attorney. I, attorney Adam Diran, am a mediator and family law attorney who specializes in minimizing conflict and keeping costs low. My 20 years of experience as an attorney will be a great advantage to you and my MBA training and work as a stockbroker are assets in navigating the most complicated financial issues

Divorce Options

The amount of unnecessary pain and money spent on family law is staggering. The first duty of any divorce attorney is to makes sure his or her client gets through the process with a fair outcome and minimal expense and conflict. Sometimes, this requires long hours of expensive and painful litigation and sometimes it requires a cup of coffee and a Danish. Adam Diran Attorney at Law focuses on getting you through the other side of this painful process in the best way possible, keeping in mind the cost-benefit analysis of litigation. Child custody issues are often the most difficult, but I approach them in the same way, with the key goal being what is in the best interest of your child.

The toolbox for divorce includes litigation, collaboration, mediation, uncontested divorce and counseling. Adam Diran Attorney at Law strives to find the best solution to your unique family problem.

  • Pro-Per: Representing Yourself In A California Divorce

You appear before the judge with no lawyers present. This is the least expensive option and is generally chosen by people with limited assets, when child custody is not an issue and conflict is limited. This can be a low-cost option if both partners agree on a settlement and can navigate the court requirements. However, I have gotten many cases in which people tried this process, paid court fees and went through enormous time and effort only to find that they made mistakes on paperwork or really had more to resolve than anticipated. Adam Diran Attorney at Law offers the cost-efficient option of limited-scope representation if you prefer to represent yourself in a pro-per divorce. Limited-scope representation may help you avoid some of the pitfalls of pro-per divorce.

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  • Mediation: Divorce Through Negotiations Facilitated By An Attorney

Mediation is appropriate when a divorce is amicable and the parties agree to negotiate without court intervention. I meet with both parties to fairly negotiate child custody, support and property division. In so doing, the parties, and not the court, determine the outcome. It is a cost-effective means to resolve and settle any case. This is generally more expensive than pro-per divorce, but has many similarities: minimal conflict and if the couple can prepare legal documents, they can control costs and negotiate face to face.

  • Collaborative Divorce: Two Specialized Attorneys Negotiate Marriage Dissolution

With collaborative law, each party retains separate counsel, who meet and cooperate in negotiating an outcome much as with mediation. Collaborative law is distinguished by the potential addition of necessary experts such as psychologists and CPAs to analyze the issues.

  • Litigation: For Contested Divorces, Courtroom Trials May Be The Only Option

Here, the parties are distrustful and otherwise unable to communicate or cooperate. The case is fought in court before a judge. The parties hire separate attorneys to argue their positions.

San Jose, CA Divorce Representation

Our experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorneys are aggressive fighters who make the difference in courtroom hearings and trials. If you are going through a divorce, contact Adam Diran Attorney at Law in San Jose, California today for legal counsel and representation.