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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorney in San Jose, California

If you have been a victim of domestic violence, you need aggressive advocacy during this difficult time in your life. Adam Diran Attorney at Law is the advocate you need. When you contact me to discuss your case, I will thoroughly analyze your legal challenges and determine a strategy tailor-made for you. There is no simple formula for addressing domestic violence or spousal abuse. An attorney who listens and offers personal attention is crucial when you face significant difficulties: has your spouse or ex harassed you? Has he or she threatened you, struck you or violated a court order? Do you fear for your safety or the safety of your children? No matter how complex or intense your situation may be, I am prepared to help.

We represent clients throughout Northern California who are involved in domestic violence incidences while going through divorce, separation, custody disputes or other family law challenges. If your spouse or another family member has assaulted, threatened or intimidated you, contact me for the domestic violence attorney you need. I will offer customized legal representation to pursue the legal outcome you seek.

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Representing Victims of Domestic Violence and People Falsely Accused

Domestic violence arrests and convictions can play a significant role in the outcome of custody disputes and other aspects of divorce proceedings or modifications. If you have been falsely accused, take immediate action to minimize the damage. If you are arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse while in the midst of a divorce or custody negotiations, while considering divorce, or while trying to have your divorce settlement altered, call me, experienced attorney Adam Diran. I know how to defend your rights.

Since I have been working in this area of the law for so long, he knows the family law legal system and how to anticipate the challenges it presents. Many of my clients avoid complex legal struggles because they contact him as soon as they have legal questions. Don’t wait to contact me. I may be able to help keep your situation from becoming even more complicated. Call me now for a free consultation.