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Family Law Attorney in San Jose, California

Family Lawyer In San Jose, California

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You have family law challenges and Adam Diran Attorney at Law has solutions. It really is that simple. When you reach out for help from Adam Diran Attorney at Law, you will have an aggressive and knowledgeable ally offering candid and practical legal advice. I will protect your best interests no matter how challenging your situation may be.

With more than 20 years of legal experience, I have the skills, the experience, the resources and the knowledge to identify your specific issues and articulate a plan of action designed to achieve your goals. My approach to the law works. I, San Jose family law attorney Adam Diran, as an MBA and a former stockbroker, am a highly sought-after attorney throughout Northern California for his ability to swiftly resolve complex legal challenges.

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During your initial consultation, I will ask you fairly simple questions related to your conflict. Any documents you bring with you will be reviewed and issues and goals will be identified. You will leave this consultation with a general assessment of your case. This is my commitment to you. With decades of experience and a proven ability to get results in some of the most challenging cases, Adam Diran Attorney at Law is the ally you need.

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Diplomatic Negotiator And Aggressive Litigator

I focus on divorce, child custody, domestic violence, property division and all other related areas of family law. But I am also deeply experienced in estate planning and complicated legal issues related to wills and trusts. I am an extremely successful attorney who offers comprehensive family law representation, but I also have other qualities that truly distinguish him from other law firms.

Our firm was founded to offer exceptional legal services to all of Northern California, and I am prepared to work with you regardless of your budget.

My strengths are particularly apparent in high-conflict family law disputes. I am prepared for all types of family law issues and estate planning concerns, but if a will is contested, infidelity is alleged, breach of fiduciary duty is suspected, or domestic abuse and kidnapping are at issue, we are particularly experienced and skilled.

At Adam Diran Attorney at Law, I have several tiers of service. I will offer you counsel at a significantly reduced rate if you choose to represent yourself in an uncontested divorce. Many clients see this limited-scope representation as an affordable option allowing them to control costs and rely on an attorney only sparingly. I can also advise you through mediation or collaborative divorce.

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In every case I take, I start with the expectation that negotiation will work, but I am always prepared for trial. If aggression becomes necessary, I am relentless. Negotiations may work, but I am always prepared for combative litigation. Many of my clients come to me after other attorneys have told them their case is too combustible or too complex. No matter the issues you face, Adam Diran Attorney at Law can help you through this challenging time.

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