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Turn to Proven Professionals to Plan for the Inevitable

Many people who consider preparing a will or trust have good intentions but do not ever get around to it. They research and plan. They look into options. They almost take the steps necessary. But for some reason they stop short of contacting a lawyer to help them. Some of the reasons why wills and trusts fall off the priority list:

  • Unwillingness to consider the inevitable. Our loved ones will have a difficult time with our passing in the best of circumstances; there is no need to burden them with unnecessary legal and financial bureaucracy that will result from probate.
  • Concerns about costs. Depending on your situation, the cost will be approximately $2,000 to get help from a skilled and experienced attorney. Our firm has helped hundreds of people throughout Northern California plan their wills and trusts. For all of those people, they will not have to worry about distribution of their assets. This peace of mind is worth far more than our attorney fees. Of course, some people try to create their own wills and trusts. Often this is a misuse of time and money since the filing of the documents and the necessary effort is challenging for someone without experience creating legally binding documents.
  • Concerns about time. The amount of time to create a will or trust is quite negligible when compared to the benefits it provides. Furthermore, we often have new clients turn to us after they have tried to create their own will or trust. They realize that the process will take them an enormous amount of time without the assistance of a lawyer. In the long run, we will save you time, money and effort.
  • A belief that “I will get around to it someday.” “Someday” doesn’t arrive for the vast majority of people. More than 70% of people die without doing any estate planning. Many of them planned to take care of this important issue someday. Save your loved ones the unnecessary burden of probate; reach out to Diran & Grey.

Our San Jose family lawyers provide free initial consultations and we offer highly personalized and attentive legal guidance. In addition to making attentive service a priority, we have the resources and the experience you need to create a legacy for your future.

People throughout Northern California have Benefitted from Our Experience

With a background in finance and experience as a stock broker, Attorney Adam Diran has a particularly robust understanding of financial and legal complexities. His clients benefit from this background and his wealth of experience in estate planning. There is no need to wait any longer. Take the time to invest in your family’s future. We are your advocates, your guides and your counselors for any questions you may have about wills and trusts, estate planning and all financial aspects related to family law.