What is a Living Trust?

A living trust ,or revocable living trustis a means of passing on your assets to any beneficiaries (family, friends, etc.) without having to deal with probate and the added expenses it incurs. It’s one of the most common estate planning strategies used today and can save your family countless hours of frustration and financial expenses. Adam Diran and his team of legal professionals have set up countless trusts for clients in San Jose and throughout California. He’ll explain the process, go through all the options available to you, and ensure all needed paperwork is filed correctly.

Are You Protecting All Your Assets?

Think of a living trust as an empty box into which you must put your assets. If you fail to take that step all you have is an empty box. While many people understand they should protect and pass on their house or deed of property to beneficiaries, they often forget to transfer their financial accounts. Savings, checking, and brokerage accounts also can be titled and passed on to the ones you love. By including all of your financial assets into your trust, you will effectively fund and protect it from probate. Adam Diran has helped innumerable clients and their families fund their trusts—and he’ll do the same for you. He’s always happy to answer your questions and ensure you understand all of your options. When it comes to rock-solid estate planning and reliable legal guidance you can depend on, the law office of Diran & Grey is your first, best choice. Diran & Grey takes a holistic approach to estate planning. It’s not just about preparing the documents; it’s about understanding the documents. 90% is education, not paper. Follow up is essential, and we can help you throughout the entire process.

Are You Maintaining Your Trust?

All too often, families create trusts but forget to maintain funding for them. While having your current financial accounts added to your trust is a good first step, it’s vital you continue to include new accounts and new assets as you accrue them. Whether it’s a car, a savings account, or a piece of property, don’t wait to protect it and ensure your family can access it when the time comes. California probate court is known to be an expensive and drawn-out experience that rarely leaves the beneficiaries completely satisfied. Don’t add stress to your family during their time of loss; enact a trust and ensure their peace of mind today.

The Problem with Probate

Probate is the legal process in which a deceased person’s legal assets and affairs are identified, cataloged, and dealt with. This can include clearing outstanding debts and resolving any dispute of assets among beneficiaries. The process of probate can take an excessively long time, from a few months to a year, and probate fees can take up a significant percentage of the estate’s value. Probate is also a very public process; there’s no privacy, as literally anyone can review what’s left of the estate and all court records connected to the case. After your passing, the last thing your loved ones should have to deal with is this painful process. Adam Diran will ensure your living will or trust is enacted correctly, funded responsibly, and delivered as intended. Save your family unneeded expense and aggravation. Contact Diran & Grey in San Jose today!